The People

It truly takes an army to build and maintain us, which is why we couldn’t do what we do with out our people.

Candy Mecham

President, Owner
Candy Mecham started the original Visconti’s Italian Restaurant in 1985 and took full ownership in 1992. Over the years, she has led the Visconti’s Hospitality Group to where we are today: eight businesses strong. Candy has continued to invest in the community, always making a point to be involved in various fundraisers, dinners, auctions and events directly benefiting the people of our surrounding areas. Countless trips around the country and world have helped her continue to implement the best practices and recipes in the various restaurants. For example, it was on a trip to New Orleans where her and Daniel Carr came across Italian foods cooked in a traditional wood-fired oven and soon after installed a wood fired oven of their own, bringing the restaurant closer to using true, old-world methods.

Daniel Carr

CEO, Co-Owner
Dan Carr moved to Wenatchee in 1991 where he met local restaurateur Candy Mecham at Visconti’s. With his help, the two opened the restaurants second location in Leavenworth. The quest for a product and experience in food that is disappearing today fueled the idea for Cured, one of Dan’s biggest and most exciting projects. Regarded as one of the top salumi chefs in the region, he’s expanding the centuries-old European craft in the massive construction of the 18,000 square-foot Miller Street facility. Dan is also a connoisseur of fine wines and longtime supporter of the local wine industry serving as a judge every year at the North Central Washington Wine Awards. In 2013, Visconti’s was named the Washington State Wine Awards Restaurant of the Year and continues to be one of Dan’s proudest moments.

Dawn Mecham

Chief Operating Officer
With hospitality experience in places like Miami, New York, Las Vegas and Seattle, Dawn Mecham has continued to learn the ins and outs of our constantly changing field. She has gotten to work alongside some of the more notable restaurateurs in the country, including Myles Chefetz, Mario Batali, Joe Bastianich, David Lynch and Chris Sparkman in her dedicated 20+ years of service. Dawn began her role as the Chief Operating Officer in December of 2019. Before that, she served as the General Manager of Visconti’s since her arrival to the family business in 2013. Her drive to improve and constantly push the group forward has opened many doors and created a new standard of service throughout. Dawn’s pursuit for information has taken her all over the world, whether for outside consulting on industry projects or for research on food and wines.

Nelson Gonzalez

Commissary production Manager
In 1997 Nelson made his way to Washington from El Salvador, in search of stable employment, and found it with Visconti’s Hospitality Group. He began in Leavenworth as a dishwasher in 99, was promoted to prep cook a few years in, then chef, and eventually kitchen manager at the Wenatchee Visconti’s location. In 2019 he became the Commissary Production Manager. Nelson loves what he does and enjoys making, ravioli, lasagna and cannelloni. He’s grateful first and foremost with God, Dan, Candy, and Dawn for the opportunity he has had working with them and hopes to retire with the company. At home he stays busy with his wife, and 2 kids, and being a pastor of Nueva Vision.

Richard Berry

Logistics manager
A hospitality veteran of 30 years, Richard grew up in the Auburn WA area. He brought his extensive restaurant management knowledge to Visconti’s Leavenworth in 2015 as dining room manager. He made the jump to General Manager at Fire at Pybus the following year. In 2019 he attended the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, where he continued to cultivate his love of pizza. He’s now the Logistics Manager at the Miller Street location. He enjoys a sense of humor and places an emphasis on teamwork at the workplace. Catch him riding motorcycles, camping, and trying new recipes (that he samples on his 12 cats) when he’s away from the office.